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Dirk Graefe works as a Software Developer at OSB AG in Munich for a leading automotive manufacturer. Here he explains why it had to be this job and no other – and what he appreciates about OSB AG.

Dirk Graefe has been working at OSB AG since July 2014. Following completion of his studies in Nuremberg, where he achieved his Bachelor of Engineering in the area of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering, he applied for jobs in Munich. Yet it  wasn’t him who found OSB AG, but the company who found him. Dirk Graefe had registered himself as a job seeker and the initial contact was set up via the employment agency. And this was successful. Today, Dirk Graefe works for a renowned customer of OSB AG as a Software Developer at the Research and Information Center in the “Fully Automated Driving” department. 

Innovation requires coordination

In the area of software integration, Dirk Graefe and his team are responsible for developing software which ultimately runs on control devices in cars. This is teamwork involving several parties, all of whom must be perfectly coordinated with each other.  Hardware and basic functions in the software are made available by the supplier. Innovation comes from Dirk Graefe and his team. They also form the hub where all components are brought together and developed into functional software.

“My duties involve a lot of coordination. I am the interface between Software Developers, Test Engineers and the supplier,” says Dirk Graefe. “We work according to software milestones which need to be achieved according to a relatively tight schedule. Every two weeks there is a software release which then goes to the supplier.” 

Multinational Exchange

The team from OSB AG to which Dirk Graefe also belongs comprises 14 employees. It has been established on-site at the customer for around six years now, and Dirk Graefe is optimistic that many more years of good cooperation will follow: “I can identify well with both OSB AG as well as with the business partner whom we work for on-site. I believe in the products and there are always new challenges which we embrace together. My working day is varied and exciting. And the customer is highly satisfied with our results.”

The composition of the team is also something which 38-year-old Dirk Graefe finds positive. “We are a multinational team, with colleagues from Germany, Italy, Tunisia, India and China. The cooperation within the team is extremely inspiring and productive. I appreciate this aspect very much.”

An opportunity which pays out

Dirk Graefe could not have imagined that his career would go so well. Only after studying Architecture for several semesters did he switch to Electrical Engineering, thereby completing his studies at a comparatively late stage. Yet OSB AG recognized the potential of Dirk Graefe, who was 35 years old at the time. “I really appreciate the fact that OSB AG gave me this opportunity,” he says. “The company has enabled me to pursue my career path. In turn, OSB AG profits from my commitment, enthusiasm and reliability. I can really say with confidence that it is a win-win situation for both sides.”

And when it comes to team spirit at OSB AG, Dirk Graefe knows he has chosen the right employer. “The company cares for its employees. We have diverse offers for professional development and advancement programs. The atmosphere is always very friendly. This begins with the assistants in Administration at OSB AG, who always ask how you are doing. I am sure that this is something which cannot be taken for granted at every company.”

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