15.08.2018 11:08

OSB Team in Sarajevo: Helping, Celebrating Success and Making Plans for the Future Together

OSB AG staff did great work on the Social Day in Sarajavo. But this visit means so much more: in the hometown of OSB AG founder Denis Sisic, the team celebrated the company’s 15-year anniversary and honoured long-standing members of staff. Plans for the future to expand the Sarajevo site were also received well.

They’ve done it again. They rolled up their sleeves and got their hands dirty, working as a team to do their best. Around 80 OSB employees from Germany and 30 members of staff from Sarajevo spent the Social Day sprucing up the ‘Vladimir Nazor’ school centre. The special school for children with developmental difficulties was in desperate need of support. Many of the parents live outside Sarajevo. When they come to visit their children, they have to wait in a waiting room. The roof would leak when it rained, making waiting pure torture after a long journey. 

A Tradition of Helping
OSB staff carried out repair work and renovated a large section of the school building. They painted walls, applied fresh plaster, dug up flower beds and planted flowers. ‘The Social Day is a tradition here. Each year, we renovate schools and kindergartens or support environmental projects. It’s an honour to help a social service here in Sarajevo,’ said Lutz Klein, Senior Executive Manager at OSB AG in Hannover.

The OSB team also gave the school’s playground a new lease of life. Here, they set up new playground equipment - like a climbing wall in the shape of the letters OSB - that aren’t just fun to play with but also help develop the children’s motor skills. A donation was also made. ‘It means a lot to our school to get support from OSB AG,’ exuded Mersudin Kadric, Director of the ‘Vladimir Nazor’ centre. The money has been used to purchase a special swing for children with cerebral palsy so children in wheelchairs can join in the fun. 

Sharing Success with Those in Need
When were the foundations for the support initiative laid? ‘The whole thing began nine years ago,’ remembers Denis Sisic, founder and Managing Director of OSB AG. ‘We were awarded the Munich Founder’s Prize and I was asked whether I would use the 5,000 euros to take the team out for a meal. But I wanted to do something meaningful, so our first Social Days project took place in a special school in Munich. It’s important to me to share our success with those in need, and not just by donating money but also getting stuck in. The OSB team are great at it, and their enthusiasm never fails to impress me.’

Joke Marten-Bohne, Account Manager at OSB AG in Nuremberg, confirms this: ‘I’m so happy to be able to support this amazing project. It’s also exciting to get to know our OSB colleagues in Sarajevo.’ It turns out that doing something good in his home country was not just Denis Sisic’s idea. The OSB team wanted to get to know the city of Sarajevo, its people and their colleagues there. They also took part in a tour of the city led by their colleagues from Sarajevo. Many members of the German team ended up staying for up to five days to discover more about the country and its people. 

Intense Experiences
Neda Gusic-Sejfic comes from Split, while her husband is Bosnian. She works at OSB AG in Munich: ‘I was so happy that we visited the Balkans and my people. Many of my colleagues were able to better understand what the war did to this country and they were very moved. They also loved the hospitality and the good food. They all went crazy for cevapcici.’

The OSB team were able to encounter these intense and powerful experiences both at the special school itself and in the city. After the Social Day, Denis Sisic gave them some time to process their experiences. But the following evening, it was time to celebrate: 15 years of OSB AG - time to open the Champagne! The celebration also honoured longstanding employees. Among them were Neda Gusic-Sejfic, Senior Recruiter with OSB AG for ten years and Andreas Siebenschuh, Administration Manager, also with the company for a decade: ‘I couldn’t imagine a better job and I’m so happy to be here in Sarajevo. We would absolutely love to come back.’

Creating Prospects
What does the future hold? ‘Our customers read like a “who’s who” of German business. We’ve acquired 83 new customers in the last year alone. Our growth is around 10 percent,’ summarises Denis Sisic. ‘We don’t grow rapidly, but organically and healthily, under our own steam.’ Success-orientated and level-headed - that’s the path to the future. And this also applies to the Sarajevo site. Here, around 50 employees work for companies that cooperate with OSB AG - and this number looks set to increase. As ever, the political climate threatens the existence of many people - and this is exactly where the OSB IT and engineering teams are offering new prospects.

From Germany to Bosnia and Herzegovina - it’s experiences like the Sarajevo trip that bind OSB staff together and make them a unique team. A team that is looking forward to even more success, celebrations and Social Days together. 

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