03.07.2018 11:07

OSB AG Rewards Outstanding Achievement

Tolga Bastürk has made it: With the support of OSB AG, he has received a Deutschlandstipendium, a scholarship for high-achieving students from all over the world that is awarded at participating universities Germany-wide and funded by means of a public-private partnership. Here he reveals how he qualified for it and why he can imagine a career at OSB AG in future.

He is a multi-talent with little leisure time: Tolga Bastürk is in the second semester of his studies in Mechatronics at Cologne University of Applied Sciences. For ten hours a week, he is also student trainee at a renowned Cologne-based engine manufacturer. Additionally, he works on a voluntary basis as a private tutor and moderates a discussion group to promote intercultural exchange and the integration of migrants. Tolga Bastürk himself left Turkey with his family and came to Germany in 2002. What he has achieved over the past 16 years is impressive. 

Support with the Deutschlandstipendium
26-year-old Tolga Bastürk attended high school in Germany, achieved his university-entrance diploma and then went on to gain a Bachelor’s degree in the area of Automotive Engineering. To deepen his knowledge and have a broader base for his future career, he decided to study for a Master’s in Mechatronics. A Master’s degree, a student trainee position and work as a private tutor on top: Someone who achieves all this could do with a little support themselves at times. Through his university, Tolga Bastürk had the opportunity to qualify for the Deutschlandstipendium. This generated contact to OSB AG. “We want knowledge and hard work to pay out,” explains Ralph Klotz, Senior Executive Manager at OSB AG in Cologne. “That is why OSB AG rewards the best students Germany-wide in the areas of engineering and IT with the Deutschlandstipendium.”

Carolin Schockmann and Elke Meierdierks from the OSB site in Cologne participated in the applicant selection process at Cologne University of Applied Sciences and were impressed by Tolga Bastürk’s achievements. “I opted for the topic of ‘Technical Innovation’ and held a presentation on ‘Autonomous Driving in Cologne’,” says Tolga Bastürk. “I am delighted that my presentation was well-received and that I have been awarded the Deutschlandstipendium.” For a period of one year, he will now receive 150 euros from the federal government and 150 euros from OSB AG per month. Furthermore, he is engaged in lively professional exchange with the OSB team in Cologne.

Career Perspectives at OSB AG
“Directly after the selection process, I was invited to a meeting with the recruiters of OSB AG as well as to several events,” says Tolga Bastürk. “OSB AG enjoys an outstanding reputation in the area of automotive engineering and I can enjoy highly productive discussions with other engineers.” He has also been shown the career perspectives at OSB AG. “I can imagine a future career at OSB AG,” says Tolga Bastürk. “There are many interesting positions in my area. Besides this, I also like the fact that OSB AG is active at many locations across Germany. I can certainly envisage changing cities and working at the Munich site for a renowned automotive manufacturer. The customer portfolio of OSB AG is very impressive here. 

It is a good fit at a personal level, too. “During the events I have attended so far, the atmosphere was very good,” says Tolga Bastürk. “The OSB colleagues are open and friendly. And I also like the working relationship between managers and employees. I have spoken a number of times now to an area manager and felt respected and on an equal footing.”

Tolga Bastürk is looking forward to a possible future with OSB AG. In turn, the company would then have another multi-talent on board, who would fit perfectly into the OSB team.

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