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The Innovations & Products division at OSB AG is there to assist you even with complex and interdisciplinary projects.

Our specialists have extensive technological expertise in the fields of artificial intelligence, networked systems and complex sensors. Thanks to our diverse experience in a wide variety of industries, we can develop creative and innovative solutions. Creativity and innovation for our customers – that is our core competence. And that is how products such as

  • the PSI5 Analyzer Box
  • die Smart Grid Box
  • swarm-intelligent toy robots
  • the DA14585 Bluetooth 5.0 module

were generated.

„Innovation and inventiveness have always been the driving forces behind science and engineering. Our young division focuses on the latest technologies and exciting, innovative product ideas, which we drive to market maturity.“

Andreas Rottmair

Find out more here about the Innovations & Products division of OSB AG.

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