Recruitment Workshop

Analysis and Exchange of Know-how

In Recruiting it is becoming increasingly difficult to reach the desired target group using classic tools. Today, there is no way round trends such as Candidate Experience Management, Active Sourcing, Mobile Recruiting as well as the diverse possibilities offered by social media. Even optimizing your company’s career pages demands very good knowledge with respect to SEO, range and tracking tools. How can this spectrum be managed and which trends actually make sense for you and your company?

We warmly invite you to engage in an exchange of ideas during bilateral workshops. We look forward to sharing know-how and experience with you and to discussing new trends. Naturally these productive meetings can also take place on a regular basis.


The agenda of our workshops includes the following topics:

Post and Pray vs. Active Sourcing

An online-supported job advertisement or an active search for suitable applicants? What will lead to success? Questions which need to be discussed based on occupational fields and industries, so that appropriate actions may be derived.  

Talent Acquisition

This workshop covers sales in recruiting or, in other words, active talent acquisition and the creation of a talent pool as a basis for successful recruitment.

Agile Structures in Recruiting

Success through scrum? How this innovative approach can bring agile organization and transparency into the recruiting team is shown using various practical examples.

Digitalization and Social Media

Two megatrends which are indispensable in recruiting today. This workshop covers daily use, supported by many practical examples, as well as concrete recommended actions.  


KPIs in Recruiting

KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) – when used in a targeted way, they can save time and money when it comes to recruiting. In this workshop, the most important KPIs and their use will be highlighted and discussed.      

We look forward to exciting discussions with companies from industry, the IT sector and start-ups. For many topics the exchange of ideas is more effective if your company has more than 200 employees.

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