Our Expertise

We know the ropes

The services we provide are multifaceted – just like the tasks of our customers. The key is to bring the right competencies to the table for each project phase. Our specially developed OSB plug model brings together our competencies for different project phases as well as the necessary supporting services. Our experts are there to support you – either from start to finish, with concrete assistance in individual project phases or with specific partial services. In this way, you can ensure you call up only those services which you really need – and at the same time, you can place your trust in our comprehensive experience.

Support in all Project Phases

The OSB Competence Plug

With our broad-based team of experienced experts, we are able to support customer projects in a competent way throughout all phases of a project. We place great value on individuality – and assemble a team which fits perfectly to your requirements. Your benefit: You can freely select those services from our portfolio which are required for your project.


  • Requirements management
  • Generating risk analysis
  • Carrying out benchmark analyses

Planning / Conceptual Design

  • IT management & standardisation
  • Planning system and machine elements
  • Conceptual design of automation concepts
  • Production planning
  • Electrical design
  • Project management for productions systems 


  • Hardware development
  • Software development
  • Algorithm development
  • Development of safety-critical embedded control and communication software


  • Design of special machines
  • Design of process engineering systems
  • Design of system and machine elements
  • Management of bill materials
  • Generating pneumatic plans
  • Design and construction of production equipment and fixtures 
  • Electrical designs


  • Programming safety-critical embedded control and communication software (bus systems)
  • Application programming
  • Software and functional design
  • Software integration
  • Application management
  • Enterprise Content Management
  • Programming and visualization in automation technology

Simulation / Calculation

  • Test Management
  • Measurement technology
  • Flow analyses
  • Thermal management
  • FEM

Prototyping / Production

  • Test set-up and execution

Start of Operation

  • System integration
  • System test
  • Generating maintenance plans
  • System start-up
  • Production an manufacturing planning

Support Down to the Last Detail

Accompanying Services

We are pleased to also take on process-related functions in your projects, such as quality management, project management or technical documentation. Our longstanding experience helps you to optimally utilize your company’s potential.

Project Management

  • Taking on project responsibility
  • Project planning
  • Interface management

Process Management

  • Audits
  • Optimizing production processes

Consultation and Training

  • Recruitiung specialists
  • SAP services


  • Environmental and occupational safety
  • Software quality assurance
  • Method competence (PQM/SQM) in quality assurance
  • Diagnostics
  • Damage analysis
  • Complaints management
  • Material certification
  • EASA certification

Technical Documentation

  • Carrying out certifications
  • Generating maintenance plans
  • Generating technical documentation


  • Allocation management
  • Performance management
  • Supply chain management 
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