Quality Guidelines

The goal of OSB AG is to be recognized for its quality in the provision of engineering and IT services.

This is achieved by the following:

  • Considering the context of the organization and adapting the Quality Management System to the strategic direction of OSB AG
  • Fulfilling customer requirements as well as applicable legal and regulatory provisions
  • Management of the organization, accompanied by quality objectives set by employees as well as by defined responsibilities for the fulfilment thereof.
  • Defining, applying, maintaining and continuously improving the effectiveness of the Quality Management System
  • Continuously increasing customer satisfaction
  • Pursuing and applying new technologies and training employees
  • Commitment to improving the quality of our software products to exceed customer expectations
  • Carrying out continuous improvements as part of the day-to-day workflow
  • Ensuring that our policies and guidelines reflect what we actually do
  • Understanding how our activities are integrated into the overall workflow of OSB AG
  • Continuously improving the quality of our services in all phases, from acquisition to successful project completion

The administrative management is responsible for communicating the quality guidelines to everyone working for or on behalf of the organization and for making these guidelines available to the public.