Employees in Portrait

Working at OSB AG

Exciting projects, diverse customers and different industries – our employees tell you what it’s like to work with us in the following the employee portraits. 

Eva Erdmann

The Team Player

Eva Erdmann is a Software Developer at the Munich location. She reveals here what a daring climbing tour and working at OSB AG have in common, and...


Markus Schiffmann

Enrichment Every Day

As a Software Developer at the Competence Center Off-highway Control Systems of OSB AG in Munich, Markus Schiffmann has an extremely varied working...


Dirk Graefe


Dirk Graefe works as a Software Developer at OSB AG in Munich for a leading automotive manufacturer. Here he explains why it had to be this job and...


Dejan Milsoevic

Variety with Perspectives

Dejan Milosevic is a Software Developer at OSB AG in Munich. Find out here why he switched from his previous employer to OSB AG and what goals lie...