Career FAQs

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Anyone seeking the perfect job naturally has a lot of questions. We are glad to answer them:

Are the open positions on the website still vacant?

Yes, we regularly update our job opportunities. All vacancies shown on our website are waiting to be filled. So be quick and apply!

Do I need to apply for each position individually if I am interested in a number of vacancies on offer?

No, that is not necessary. The OSB Recruiters check your qualifications thoroughly and will also contact you if other suitable positions are available. If there are several vacancies you are interested in, you are welcome to mention this in your correspondence with us. We will contact you upon receipt of your application to discuss all available options.

How can I apply for a job at OSB AG?

You are very welcome to send us your application via our online job portal. Our Recruiters check incoming applications every day and you will receive a confirmation of receipt immediately.

Does OSB AG offer internships or the opportunity to write a thesis at the company?

In individual cases, we can offer these opportunities at our Competence Centers, depending on the focal topic and the OSB location. If you are interested in receiving additional information, please send an email to:

Which professional development opportunities are on offer at OSB AG?

In the OSB mentor program you will find a range of professional development opportunities, such as language courses or soft skills training. Depending on the position and area of responsibility, technical training is also offered to provide individual career support.


Any more questions?

We will be pleased to help!

According to the department or subject matter you can directly contact the persons responsible.  

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